- Si dejamos el juego parado un rato:

Half a century has passed
since World War III
burnt the world to the ground.

Mankind has enjoyed a period
of twilight, but the war still
demanded sacrifices.

We, Selene, a combined nation
of the moon megalopolis,
insisted on the recapture
of the 'sacred place'Sodom,
survived league of nations on Earth.

Then we declared war
and started the invasion.

The war was prolonged,
during which I volunteered
to the force, longing to go to earth.

After undergoing the hard training
and thought re-education,
I was assigned to the forced
reconnaissance of the enemy capital.

Then I descended solo to earth,
alone in a fighter plane.

- Si no has llegado a tiempo en el nivel 6:

One doubt came across
in my fading consciousness.

Was it really true the main ally
unit didn't make it in time?


In my last moment, I thought I saw
the innumerable white angels
coming down,
circling from the endless heaven.

- Antes de las niveles 6 y 7:

It was a question that made me survive
under the intense gunfire that poured
from the ally.

Why must I be terminated by an ally?

The earth I saw wasn't the Utopia
that my superiors said it was.

It was the same waste land
as the moon.

The purpose of this war
was already lost.

But what if, to my superiors,
this ridiculous war was itself,
the purpose?

- Después del final:

After the fight, both sides, having lost
all means of attack, entered
into a temporary cease-fire agreement.

After a while, the citizens of each side
became aware of the conditions
of the other,
and this lead naturally
to the end of the war.

Although there was no Utopia anywhere,
a temporary balance fell over
the world again.

But, the name of the person
who indirectly brought
about the end of the war,
was completely erased
from the official records
of both countries.

Now, only those who actually fought
and were wounded in the war
know the name of